Trade Service

Update latest: 30.10.2015 10:55


Commercial trade service:

Commercial trade services are active trading activities between B2BVIETNAM and sellers to seek distributors or importers in the specified market. Commodity trading service saves marketing costs and sales efficiently. Commercial trading services only will be ended when the seller and the buyer sign a sales contract.

  • Search buyers , distributors, importers

  • Expand your market

  • Support communication , translation

  • Cost savings marketing, sales costs

  • Expanding the  market in the world

Our responsibilities:

  • Product introduction: conducting offline activities to sell products.

  • Search Buyers: search for potential buyers or distributors who have capacity and experience.

  • Supports negotiations: advice, persuade buyers about product quality, reasonable price and payment conditions.

Coordination manner:

  • The customer must already be our member:  customers who buy an account to post product information on the website

  • Customers specify the target market and clearly identify potential customers of products.

  • We based on the recommendations of the client to contact with potential clients who have demands to buy to set up distribution channels.


Advisory commissions: negotiable commission (1 % - 10%) based on the actual sales between sellers and distributors or buyers. Free commission of this service to Gold Member.