Founded in 2007, Viet My Logistics concentrates on providing high quality logistics services to the industry, making any distance shorter and accelerating businesses. We aim at optimizing customers’ satisfaction by offering fast and convenient services. Our top priority is to establish firm and sustainable trading associations with all customers on the basic of trust.  


 At Viet My, we improve our clients’ experience with our competitive prices associated with our reasonable transporting time. We have a worldwide network of partners who are willing to connect and cooperate with us to deliver the highest quality logistics services to the customer. Our experienced staffs who were carefully recruited and professionally trained will advise the customers in choosing the most efficient methods of transport to minimize the costs as well as any risks in business.

 In addition to logistics services, Viet My is known as one of the leading companies in exporting and importing ingredients for animal feed in Vietnam. Until now, we have set up a prestigious distribution network all over the country. With a strict quality control process combined with our experienced delivery team, we are committed to bringing the best products to customers in the shortest delivery time.







Our Services and Products:

Logistics Services:

  - Road Transport
  - Sea Transport
  - Air Transport
  - Rail Transport
  - Construction Transport
  - Customs Clearance
  - Warehouse Services
  - Product Certification
  - Entrusted Imports - Exports

Products: Animal Feed Ingredients:

  - Italian Meat Bone Meal
  - Feather Meal
  - Hemogobin Powder
  - DDGS
  - Soybean Meal

Please contact us by phone : 08 - 38301 262       Fax: (08) 38103226                  Hotline: 09726 45678 (Mr. Linh)  - 0926 51 51 51 (Mr.Lịch) 

Hoặc Email: linhnb@vietmylogistic.com            tansinh@vietmylogistic.com