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Dear customers!

SOUTHERN CARGO SOLUTIONS CO., LTD, please send respectful greetings and most sincere thanks to our customers has always interested, companionship and cooperation with us during the entire time.

 As a company operating in the field of transportation services, Southern Company regularly provides to customers of package shipping services as follows:

- Transportation of goods by road, sea, rail from warehouse to warehouse on the territory of provinces in Vietnam.

- Logistic, cargo tally, handling, packaging and management of import and export of goods in warehouses.  For warehouse leasing.

- Transport of goods in super-critical by means of multi-modal transport.

- Customs clearance of import goods, merchandise events, exhibitions, project cargo and structural works.

     As a transit bridge goods from the producer to the consumer, we have built a network of transportation and distribution of goods in the most extensive online that customers have requested .

    Southern Company is aware that maintaining transit service quality, quickly and safely is an important task should be performed during the course of business. To meet the above tasks, we always recruit staff qualified workers, are trained and gain experience in the transportation of specific commodities. Our company believes will bring our customers the most secure and satisfied.

    With the number of vehicles available and the contract provides regular services to the domestic transportation carriers, Southern Company can provide to customers a stable schedule and departing ships goods day, as well as meet all requirements for the number of containers needed for packing even if the peak shipping season every year.

   Currently the typical customer has used the services of our company: Company san miguel, PNP Chemical Company, Nero Paint Co. Ltd, Basf Vietnam, Petrolimex Chemical Co. Ltd., Co. Mipec Company Limited, Company Riverbank, ....

   Our company would like to thank the cooperation of customers in recent years and wish to continue to receive the attention and cooperation of you in the future. With the motto "always pay attention to the safety of goods and customer satisfaction." We are honored to accompany and serve you better.

Best regards!


Most cargos are transferred by sea, with modern large freighters capable of transporting thousands of tones in the most affordable and efficient manner. Southern Cargo Solutions (SCSS) Co., Ltd based in Hochiminh is a recognized leading sea freight forwarder in Vietnam and offers worldwide cargo transfers through an extensive portfolio of commercial logistics services. We have built a strong reputation as an affordable and extremely reliable sea freight forwarding operation and we pride ourselves on our ability to design efficient custom-made solutions for our clients. In particular, we have developed special packages and rates for small and medium sized businesses that are designed to lessen the burden of transportation costs thus allowing them to compete more effectively.

We can arrange freight departure to anywhere in the world speedily and cost-effectively, either as part of a consolidated load (if the cargo is below 15 Cubic Meters) or as full containers. Containers vary in size – 32, 64 or 71 cubic meters – and we will advise our clients of the best sea freight forwarding option and will arrange shared space or container booking with the major shipping lines. As a experienced sea freight forwarder, Anthom Shipping has long-established excellent working relationships with MSC, Maersk and other major shipping companies and we can guarantee first rate service at competitive rates.

To ensure complete security and to minimize the risk of freight damage, Southern Cargo Solutions (SCSS) Co., Ltd offers professional packaging services that satisfies all international standards and will guarantee piece of mind. Additionally, our experienced and trustworthy export agents are highly adept at ensuring prompt customs clearance at all ports and airports throughout the world.

Our head office staff is fluent in English; our people are committed to fully satisfying the logistics needs of our clients. As a reputable freight forwarder we are fully insured and conform to all international standards for cargo transference.


Southern Cargo Solutions (SCSS) Co., Ltd is an established and fully qualified air freight forwarder that has earned a strong reputation for delivering all types of cargo – small or large – in a secure and timely manner. Based in Hochiminh City, we offer international-standard freight forwarding solutions through an extensive network of highly reputable export agents; this means that wherever you are, be it in Thailand or anywhere else in the world, we will take full responsibility for your consignment and move it to wherever you need it.

Our air transfer operation recognizes the key requirements for distribution success in the global market – speed, timeliness and accuracy – and since 2006, we have built a thriving business delivering air freight in a prompt, efficient and cost-effective manner. We arrange the transport using leading air cargo carriers – Thai, Etihad, Emirates and many more – and we have developed excellent working relationships with them all. Our expert team of freight forwarders will ensure your consignment is always given a space at the earliest departure time; irrespective of your location, we offer cargo transfer from all custom airports on a daily basis.

Whilst air transfer is obviously more expensive than sea freight, it remains the most cost-effective means when time is paramount, particularly for low weight consignments; it is ideally suited for goods that weigh up to 300 Kg and/or with a volume of up to 2 cubic meters. We are confident that Anthom’s rates are highly competitive and affordable and we offer special charges for small and medium sized businesses to assist them grow and earn a competitive edge in their markets.

Southern Cargo Solutions (SCSS) Co., Ltd is a full service business with a comprehensive offering; we can meet all your needs from safe and secure packaging services, carried out by professionals and satisfying international standards, through to prompt and resourceful custom clearance solutions.

We are fully insured and meet international compliance in transferring cargos to any custom port in the world. Our expert team is multi-lingual and multi-cultural, offers highly personal service and is committed to ensuring your consignments reach their destinations safely and securely.


Custom Clearance is often seen to be one of the major headaches in the distribution process; stories of endless delays and added cost abound throughout the industry. However, Southern Cargo Solutions (SCSS) Co., Ltd offers a specialized Custom Clearance Service designed to minimize the problems, costs and hold-ups and ensure consignments are delivered on time and hassle free. We can provide these services for imported and exported goods, both in Vietnam and across the globe, at highly affordable rates.

We understand that each consignment is unique and that different customs rules apply to different products – food regulations will differ from electronic goods which will differ from furniture, and so on – and so we have made it our business to be aware of every customs directive that exists. Our professional export agents throughout the world are fully conversant with local and international laws and each one has developed close connections with their local custom authorities, to ensure ease of passage. We recognize that every consignment has special and unique features, and we ensure that our Custom Clearance solutions are tailored to the specific needs of that consignment.

False, or incorrect, documentation, even as a result of a genuine mistake, is taken very seriously by the authorities and can lead to confiscation of the consignment and/or heavy fines. We, though, pride ourselves on complete attention to detail throughout our operation and will always ensure that all required paperwork is correctly completed and made readily available.

We can offer our custom clearance facility on its own or as part of a complete logistics solution, as Southern Cargo Solutions(SCSS) Co., Ltd has a comprehensive range of services including; freight forwarding by sea, air or a combination of the two; express delivery; door to door delivery; a safe and secure packaging service. Our people are knowledgeable, experienced and extremely personable, fluent in a number of languages, and will always go that extra mile to ensure complete client satisfaction.

So if you have a package that needs to be delivered and is awaiting custom clearance, then do not hesitate to contact us. You can request for a quote and we will get back to you within 48 hours. You can also fill in the form on the Contact Us page and let us know of the services you wish to avail.


East Asia providing warehousing services in major destinations in Vietnam. Your goods will be properly protected and can be kept at our warehouse, depending on the time you desire. Service system and our distributors will receive, packaging, storage and delivery to anywhere in Vietnam.


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